Cal Poly ASL is an exciting new language & culture club located at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Founded at the end of 2017, the club’s purpose is multi-faceted: we provide a space in which students can learn about sign language, practice in conversation, discover deaf culture, and get connected to the deaf community in San Luis Obispo. All skill levels are welcome and encouraged to attend our meetings and events – no experience required! Whether you’re a sign language expert or have never signed before, you are bound to be in good company; our members vary vastly in experience and skill level. Though the club meetings expand beyond teaching sign language, the lessons we do teach tend to be general overviews and conversation starters. We then have discussion groups categorized by skill level to ensure that everybody in attendance can find a place to practice ASL conversationally! Cal Poly ASL can provide a multitude of benefits to prospective members. In addition to learning the language itself, get connected to other people who share your interest in sign language! Involvement in Cal Poly ASL can also provide leadership experience, collaborative skill sets, and cultural awareness that employers are always looking for. The possibilities are endless!

This blog will keep readers active and up-to-date on several fronts. Updates and reminders regarding club meetings, events, and opportunities will be posted to keep members as involved as possible. Our biweekly meetings will be mentioned to remind members. Silent events and any other get-togethers or community involvement opportunities will also be announced and described on the blog. Lastly, any openly available leadership positions within the club will be announced, with an opportunity to send in applications. However, the parameters of Cal Poly ASL’s blog will go beyond keeping members up-to-date on club activities. Lessons, helpful tips, and ASL-related news will be discussed as well! Whether there is a helpful video we want to refer you to, or simply a language-related lesson to keep you refreshed and rehearsed between meetings, you can find it all here! This is also a place for you to stay up-to-date on any current events that might impact the deaf community – from public policy to inspiring success stories! Here at Cal Poly ASL, we welcome any and all feedback from readers. Did you come across a video lesson you found helpful? Learn a new trick to remember that challenging hand sign? Maybe you heard about a relevant current event that we missed? Let us know! Feel free to share your ideas openly; after all, our primary goal at Cal Poly ASL is to create a community.